High Tech / Digital

Singer & Hamilton launched a Global Technologies practice to meet the needs of financial institutions (automated trading, e-clearing platforms …). Its consultants’ professionalism and expertise were sought out by non-financial players as well.

Today, Singer & Hamilton assists numerous Technology players, active notably in :

  • Cloud computing
  • e-commerce
  • Software
  • Digital Marketing
  • Systems and Services
  • Telecommunications

Technological evolutions are occurring at increasing speed. The convergence of technologies and business lines mandates carrying out growth under constant change. The boundaries between once isolated fields are evermore permeable. These new rules are making traditional business-models obsolete and redefining the relationships between players of discrete markets.

Thanks to in-depth business line expertise, our consultants bring you :

  • An understanding of these evolutions and markets
  • A reactivity in keeping with the industry’s fleetness
  • An added-value to your business culture and expansion stakes in the spotting, assessment and appropriateness of rare and sought-after talents

Our track record covers the recruitment of executives (CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, VP sales & marketing, VP professional services, etc.) and experts (PMO, product manager, project manager, GAM, technological and R&D experts, etc.).

We help you find executives and experts throughout the whole EMEA zone.

Les Technologies