Electronic Money

Payment means are going through an unprecedented revolution thanks to new communication technologies (both wireline and wireless), and to the new SEPA regulatory context, spearheaded on the European level. E-money, e-billing, open road tolling, clearing platforms and other payment and securitization services herald tomorrow’s trade, banking and stock exchange.

This payment market liberalization is creating new models and new markets.

New non-banking players are taking the lion’s share of this sector with colossal political, economic and cultural stakes, interacting with traditional banking players: payment service providers, e-money issuers, web giants, e or m-sellers...

In this context, Singer & Hamilton’s consultants, experts in both financial services and technology sector, offer a unique convergence of expertise in the electronic money field. They are the only headhunters in continental Europe to have set-up a business line specialized in this industry.

Our consultants work with the full range of electronic money players: banks, PSP (e-commerce…), payment securitization solution providers, telcos, etc.

Electronic Money