Senior Executives & Board Members

For over twenty years, Singer & Hamilton has successfully led Senior Executive searches by headhunting executives directly linked to the financial sector.

Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of business lines and constant tracking of European top players, Singer & Hamilton provide its clients with exceptional efficiency and responsiveness.

Whether you are seeking to replace your Group CEO, recruit the CEO of a company under LBO or the Head of a business line, Singer & Hamilton can immediately bring to you :

  • A Benchmark on your internal organization and managers.
  • A Long-list of the key people and top profiles in the market.

For twenty years, Singer & Hamilton’s partners (see biographies below) have led numerous Senior Executive searches. Some are at the origin of famous « success stories » which would not have taken place if a different profile had been recruited.

Talent is rare and coveted. Without talent, there are no success stories.


Dirigeants & Administrateurs