Life Sciences

A leader in Experts' recruitments, Singer & Hamilton has chosen to expand its expertise to Life Sciences, as the recruitment of Executives and Experts in the overarching field of Life Sciences requires a high level of specialization as well as in-depth knowledge of this field.

The Firm relies on the expertise of Senior Consultants with a background in the Healthcare Industry and hands-on sector experience. Their keen understanding of this ever-changing field's stakes, in which behavioral versatility and learning agility are of the upmost importance, brings considerable added value in the identification and selection of sought-for profiles, who are often rare, of limited visibility or unresponsive to solicitations.

Singer & Hamilton assists corporations, regardless of their size or company culture (start-ups, expanding companies, Private Equity Portfolio companies (ie Biotech and Greentech funds), French subsidiaries of multinational conglomerates ...) in the search for Executives or Experts in the following market segments:

Singer & Hamilton provides high-quality service in all types of business lines and covers the entire products' value chains (Medication, Medical Devices...):