Consumer goods, Fashion, Retail & Luxury

Fashion, Retail and Luxury sectors have gone through constant changes in their organizations within the last few years.

  • In the luxury sphere, the Store has become a strategic topic as it has turned into the ultimate expression of the Brand. The customer experience is key to the brand equity value.
  • Store Brands have reinforced their brand identity. This has allowed the international growth of new concepts.
  • Selective distribution has enhanced its best practices and is getting more and more sophisticated. This impacts the relationship with the industry brands and has also resulted in the organic growth of their own brands. It brings a great contribution to the overall sector dynamism such as in the cosmetics industry.
  • Pure players are now recognized as dynamic players within the Retail sector. Therefore Customer Service has been challenged across all segments of the Retail world.
  • Department Stores are closer than ever to creative talents and new brands they reveal. In such environment, Merchandising plays a determining part.
  • Customer Relationship Management is central to the Retailers and the Brands’ Marketing Programs. Social networks echoe this evolution from a product-centric marketing to a client-centric one.

Companies’ structures and organizations are influenced by these changes. All the functional areas are deeply impacted by the Digital transformation, and some functions have gained a higher exposure within the executive committee such as Merchandising, Architecture Design, Communication and Image, Client Marketing and Retail excellence…

Competitive intelligence with regards to constant changes in these functional areas is essential in the way we drive executive search. We benchmark best practices over the market place in order to identify new talents.

Our expertize covers the following functions: