Business Ethics

As a member of the AESC, we highly value their Bill of Rights and place a significant emphasis on :

Discretion, Respect, Efficiency, Availability, and Professionalism.

We commit to :

  • Assign consultant specialized in our client’s line of business
  • Understand our client’s culture, organization and needs before defining the job description
  • Guarantee absolute confidentiality of our client’s identity and requests, both for past and present searches
  • Keep our client informed of the search process and results through regular reports
  • Meet the deadlines set at the beginning of the search
  • Monitor the candidate’s integration, fit and added-value brought to our client
  • Be constantly available to advise and inform our client
  • Build a relationship based on trust and transparency with our client
  • Respect our candidates as we respect our client
  • Not undertake two similar searches for different clients at once
  • Apply a strict off-Limits policy for a one-year period following the agreement’s signing