Social and Environnemental Ethic

Singer & Hamilton is dedicated to the environmental, social and economic issues.

Singer & Hamilton has made commitments to the organisations listed below as part of a Social and Environmental Responsibility programme that ensures sustainable progress for candidates, clients and staff.


UE Data Privacy Act - CNIL EU Data Privacy Act : Singer & Hamilton has made a legally binding commitment to respect European directives covering the protection of personal data.
Charte de la Diversité Diversity Charter : Singer & Hamilton has signed the Diversity Charter, which seeks to tackle discrimination and promote cultural, ethnic and social diversity within the company, its clients and partners.
Pacte mondial de l'ONU UN Global Compact : As an adherent to the UN’s Global Compact, Singer & Hamilton has undertaken to promote a set of values based on universally accepted principles of human rights, working standards, environmental protection and the control of corruption.
Charte du CÅ“ur Charte du Coeur : Singer & Hamilton has signed up to this public health initiative and is committed to creating a working environment that promotes the health of all staff.